Book Wedding Band

How Much Does The Band Cost?

Pricing depends on a lot of things. When you contact us for a quote we kindly ask you to tell us the following:

  1. The Venue, including full address, and contact details (we often call them to ensure we can fit in the space)
  2. Type of event (wedding, birthday party, pub etc.)
  3. Finish time, and also starting time
  4. If a playlist of music before, during break and after is required

How Do You Pay Us?

We accept bank transfer before the event or cash on the day.

Is A Deposit Required?

Yes, we charge a 10% non refundable deposit by bank transfer

How Long Do We Play For?

We play for two hours, this can be two sets or one continuous set, which is often better if you want a full on boogie.

How Much Time Do We Need To Set Up?

We need access to the venue two hours before we start to play in order to set up and sound check.

Do We Have All The Equipment Required?

Yes we have our own PA system and also lights, and a smoke machine.

Can You Use The Sound Equipment Already Installed At A Venue?

We don’t like to do this, so usually say no. We have our own sound and wouldn’t be able to guarantee our sound without our own equipment.

Do You Play Pubs?

Yes we do play a select few pubs, when we are not busy with weddings and parties. Our facebook page details our concert dates.


BOOK NOW: TXT 07824776785