wedding band cornwall for hire medwin

Frontman Medwin is one of the founding members of Totally Funked Up along with guitarist Charlie, though after his appearance on Dragons’ Den, he is probably better known for his day job as a pioneering eco-entrepreneur.

Medwin first took to the stage in the late 90’s as a guitarist while living in Andorra, but soon found that it was his vocal talents which really set him apart. Now with well over 1000 gigs under his belt, Medwin has performed with many of the most talented and respected musicians in the south west.

His love of performing is evident from the energy and infectious enthusiasm he brings to every show.

Medwin bears an uncanny likeness to a certain Queen frontman, and though we are yet to gather conclusive DNA evidence, are pretty sure that Freddie Mercury was actually his father ?

wedding band cornwall for hire

Charlie Diamond founded the band with Medwin back in 2016.

Charlie is a multi-instrumentalist and has been a gigging musican since the late 80s, playing everything from rock and pop to jazz and classical. He has toured and conducted session/recording work for many artists.

Charlie has some heavy-hitting music and production credentials having worked with the likes of Elton John’s personal assistant, Led Zep producer Stuart Epps and many Brit Pop, EDM music producers.

Charlie spent many years as an academic and developed a whole variety of sound engineering and music production courses for various colleges.

Being entrepreneurial Charlie invented, grew and sold an online school for music production that trained hundreds of producers around the world who now work in the industry with household name artists.

Charlie has also written music production related degrees for universities including Buckinghamshire, Plymouth and The Asia Pacific Institute Of Technology in Kuala Lumpur. He’s also sat on various degree validation committees. 

Charlie is an active song writer / composer / producer and releases his own music regularly and keeps an active YouTube channel.

He loves tea and a good peppery pasty.